The Warden

Most days I have to cross a busy roundabout. Crossing this road would be particularly difficult if not for a traffic controller that regulates the area. I’m used to seeing him and I think that sometimes seeing him actually makes me feel better. I think it has something to do with stability and seeing something constant and how good it is for minds. I might have made that up but I think it’s true. The reassurance of the consistent has a positive effect on the mind. Seems i’m thinking a lot of things.

This traffic warden usually wears a calm and confident smile on his face. I guess it’s the smile of someone that’s in control and knows it. It just occurred to me today that I admire and even envy that. I wish i could be like that.  Sit at work all day, smiling as I’m hacking away. Confident with not that much pressure. I wish i could smile more often. I also wish more people could smile at me too.

It’s also cool how he’s helping so many people cross daily. It seems like such a small thing to do but it goes a long way for me to be able to cross the street safely every morning on my way to work. It’s his job, but I’m glad he does it okay.

Oh, and #noHomo

N.B.: Not that it matters, but I didn’t proofread this.