Are we?

Have you ever lost your faith in humanity? How many times? Have you ever sat down to ponder over the things humans do and how vile it all is? And how humanity might never change? How we will continue to be vile and disdainful, merciless, cruel people who desecrate the surface of the earth and wallow in our haughtiness and greed.

Have you ever wondered why we are this way? Why we are so flawed. Have you been so deep in your loss of faith that you just can’t bring yourself to talk to anyone again, to trust anyone. Like no one is capable of being trusted. No one deserves to be trusted. That we are all just alone, pretending as if we have each other’s back when in truth we don’t. We are just selfish and we care only about ourselves. It’s all about ourselves.

Have you ever felt real hatred? I don’t mean the kind of hatred you feel for a boss that’s difficult, or a particular kind of food. I mean the type of hatred that stems from the evil that we see today that is so rampant and consuming, that it swallows us all and spits out devils disguised in human bodies. The hatred for everything, one might call it misanthropy. It might actually be more than that. But what does it all mean?

When does the soul- searching begin? When do we really begin to ask ourselves why we act the way we do? When do we shed away all the arrogance in our hearts and accept our flaws and our people? When do we learn to truly love ourselves and be citizens of humanity? When do we stop being selfish and greedy robots living a rat race? When? Will I change? Will this end? Will you love me?


The sooner we realise, the better.


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