Pleasure is our pain

First, I would like to apologise in advance. I apologise if after reading this post it comes off as nothing but specious crap. I also apologise if the logic behind the message of this post seems flawed to you and therefore can’t hold water. I apologise if it’s just sensational stuff that appeals to people’s minds but in reality is unintelligent. I don’t actually think the things I write appeal to anybody. I however feel the need to be precautious. When you think about it, the paradox that is the title of this post might mean something to someone who by the off chance thinks like me. Or someone else. So here goes…

We humans are quite helpless. This isn’t a novel scientific discovery. Our lives are a series of events we simply can’t control, from our births to our eventual demise. We can’t control the fact that we get dirty, or that we fall ill, or some other misfortune that befalls us. We also don’t know when we’ll die. We just live life, going through every day trying to do things that are meaningful to us and hoping that fulfillment comes at the end. We try to outdo each other in different facets, this makes life kinda like a vanity fest. But I like to think that most of us are over that. This information is engraved somewhere in our minds. Most times we just suppress it so we don’t go through our lives depressed.

In trying to bring some meaning to our lives, we make A LOT of mistakes. We simply weren’t born perfect. We slip and fall a lot of times; some of us get through it while some others do not. The thing is, in many of the mistakes and bad decisions we make, we know damn well what we are getting ourselves into. Many errors in judgement are deliberate errors. A lot of people mess up their lives abusing drugs, fornicating, cheating on spouses, taking too much alcohol, and a host of other depraved or degenerative stuff. We do it because of how it makes us feel. These things bring PLEASURE to us. We all know these things could very well end up biting us in the ass, and causing great trouble and PAIN later on. But we believe we can’t get through life without indulging in something and judgemental people just don’t get that. It’s almost like most people can’t help it. Maybe we are right though. Maybe we can’t.

Let me provide further explanation. How many times have you decided to do something, with that inkling at the back of your mind that what you are getting yourself into could get you into trouble and hurt you? How many times did you somehow just shrug that inkling off, ignore it and go ahead, believing that you would find a way to handle it one way or the other? How many times does an alcoholic or a smoker go teetotal and embraces sobriety, only to go back to it in the end, knowing fully well that what he or she is doing would eventually harm him or her? A lot  is the answer, I think. I go through these things too, we all do. We are slaves to the pleasure. we do its bidding. It brings us pain but we don’t care, We’ll do whatever it asks of us….at least some of it. But It has always been this way. It will always be this way. It is our want for pleasure that eventually brings us pain. Pleasure is our pain.

So what am I saying in essence? I’m not sure I’m saying anything. I’m not sure I’m in the position to offer any advice. All I can say is the pleasure is what makes us weak. Fighting the pleasure makes us stronger. Fighting the pleasure and our want for it is the essence of life. It is by doing this that we truly lead successful lives. Nobody wins every battle, but some people come out of it all with an outcome that is favourable. Sometimes, people win the war. But my point is this, the pleasure is our pain.


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