What I believe..

I think it’s important to stand for something you believe in. Not something utterly ridiculous or depraved, but it can be something nobody else around you understands. The world works in such a way that people rarely make decisions of their own. They think they do, but their subconscious is always yielding to some norm or “general behaviour”, and I think there are scientists that believe that there isn’t such a thing as “free will”. There are studies and experiments, but I can’t articulate now.

When you stand for something that you believe in, it’s like you’re fighting that power, and that would definitely make your mind stronger, in a way. You can experience ambition, drive, determination, and people can mock you all they want, because “ridicule is the price of ambition (Sharma)”. But by being resolute, you become a better, stronger individual, and I’ve heard that chicks dig that, which is cool, because that’s one less reason to be a misogynist. Some call themselves “sapiosexuals”, and I find that hilarious. Why put a label on it? Put a ring on it instead haha..

A common mistake I think people fall into is substituting this for bigotry and obstinacy. Your belief in something shouldn’t make you narrow/small – minded. Our beliefs must constantly be tested and re-evaluated so they become better and we learn more. Nobody can really learn when he/she engages only in discussions with people that share the same views with him or her. You can’t become a better fighter by picking only the battles with opponents you can beat….that analogy sounds off….anyway…True learning can only occur when discourse is held between people that hold disparate views. They share them, argue back and forth, and even though sometimes this turns out to be useless and even violent, really intelligent people gain immensely. We were created differently, so everybody can’t have the same opinion or mindset.

I hate, like really really really hate it when I see people attack others verbally or otherwise because they express an opinion that they strongly disagree with. It’s very savage and ignorant behaviour. I’m not cool with abortions, but I’m not going to insult someone who doesn’t have a problem with them. I also won’t make derisive comments about atheists, even if they do that to theists like me. People really need to chill yo…I’m saying yo too much…

How do you form beliefs and principles? Like most other things that matter, by starting with something small and basic and evolving it over time. Sometimes you have to throw something you have believed in for a long time away and it can hurt like hell but that’s how we establish stronger ones. Refraining from that would ultimately make one a bigot, and as I have clearly explained earlier, that isn’t cool…

*yawn* boring…


Rambunctious Fart

I heard that if you don’t write anything in a while you might lose some of your writing skills (powers). If that is true, then I am pretty messed up at the moment. Did writer’s block just cross your mind? Writer’s block is for pansies and wimps, and since I am not one of those, I don’t have writer’s block. At least I don’t think I do. Do you know a writing doctor that can proffer a reasonable diagnosis? Do you like Japanese Zobo?….

I think the “problem” is (not a problem) that I just don’t feel like. I think it’s pointless. Even if I felt the need to enlighten people, nobody wants to be enlightened. If I wanted to express and share an opinion or a view of a particular matter, the efforts in articulation would also amount to little, as nobody cares about your opinion if you’re not important and it’s not worth it. These shouldn’t be the only reasons I should write here, but well, I guess I’m just not motivated. And it’s seriously okay, I am totally 100% fine with that. I’m just here because I don’t want to lose my writing powers.

I wonder what there is to write about tonight. If you have read a few of my post, you might know that I don’t feel the need to give a blogpost of mine a title that correlates with the topic because that might feel restrictive. I just let my imagination run wild with titling. I think I particularly like this one, “Rambunctious fart”! I’ve been throwing a couple of those recently. The flatulence has been a bit embarrassing  L and oddly fun at the same time. Farts have an enormous therapeutic effect. Hopefully Ramadan fasting would help alleviate this issue…

My major problems haven’t changed since the last time I wrote a post (yaay?). If you are nice enough to feign a little interest in them, you can check my last post, titled Cauliflower. I think they are generic and a lot of people experience them at some point or the other. Many people never resolve them till they die. I am glad though, because I think I’m gaining some insight as to the nature and the peculiarities of the manifestation of my issues. I’m getting to understand why the thing that is wrong with me is wrong with me. I’m still deep in the rot, but I know that when I’m up to it, by Allah’s grace I’ll get out of it. I didn’t do that by talking to friends. Or maybe I did. Well it was probably a friend that listened.

I don’t know where all my money is going. A theory might be that one demonic mami-water is doing some mean magic spell on me that is causing me to buy her waterproof Louboutins and Chanel bags. As frugal as I think I am, I can’t seem to save a little out of the rather small monthly federal allowance I am receiving as a Corps Member. I wonder what would have happened if there was a cinema in Osogbo. Actually I’m not really wondering, I know. I just hope that when it’s all over things work out for me and I find a steady means of employment so I can try again. I hope for a lot of things..

One last thing, if you’re reading this and you like to hashtag your instagram pictures like an obnoxious robot, please stop, it’s quite annoying.

I’m hungry now so I’m just going to…go ahead and stop this madness.