Bachelor of Science

P.S.: Don’t be deceived by this post, I really am a dumb boy!! Also, if there are errors, I’m sorry, it’s hard posting via mobile…how do peeps even do that??? 😮

Hi! About a week ago I defended my final project. Doing that is usually supposed to signify the end of your academic programme! However, I still find that I’m in school (while most other people are home having the time of their lives) adding more stuff to the project (even after I have been graded) and about to start writing an academic paper …about the project, as if doing the damn thing isn’t enough. I feel very very VERY tired, it’s like my brain is in overdrive. I am thankful though, my final result wasn’t that bad, there was improvement. Considering where I was coming from, I can say I ended things well.

Where I came from: I started good, but like many people do I plunged after that. It was awful; I don’t think I had ever plunged like that before. When I tried even harder, I took another plunge, and you can imagine, my self – confidence took a plunge with it. I lost a lot of respect along the line, and I became very irrelevant among my pairs…well academically. I think it was obvious at that point that I needed to re-evaluate myself and understand why I wasn’t doing well enough. I thought hard about it, and I decided to take the pressure off. I told myself, that school isn’t about passing and racking up grades as much as it is about gaining knowledge that you can apply when you need it. That was really helpful as we started doing courses that were more “computer sciencey” and less “sciencey”. I started to genuinely like some of the courses I was offering. With that I experienced slow but steady improvement.I guess my story is one of those “Never give up – audacity of hope” ones! Gosh, that is sooo cliché! Who says stuff like that anymore?? Moving on..

Where I got to: Well with work being more computer – sciencey, and the pressure off, things got a little better. The pressure can never be fully off though; it’s because of the kind of country we in. People tend to overestimate grades and formal education. Grades definitely aren’t a true test of how intelligent a person is, but that isn’t how many people see it here. I know people that didn’t go to a uni but know much more than plenty people that did. Some of those people are earning meager amounts now, too meager to even say out loud. 😦

Anyway, I made headway and here I am now. I’m looking forward to what the outside world holds for me, though I am kinda scared. Hopefully I can continue stepping up my game, it’s important for me to improve on what I’ve started on. I need to be awesome, as in very awesome! The ambition is raw, the raw type is usually the ..Umm….the coolest! I guess I have to return to writing the paper now. Good bye!