We have forgotten…..

It was time for magrib and a few people stood behind the ameer about to commence the solah. Directly behind the ameer (Abdullah) stood a boy, probably in his 1st year. The ameer turned back, in order to straighten the line. On seeing the boy, Abdullah told the boy to change his knickers as it was too short for solah. The boy merely smiled and muttered something I didn’t hear, but he didn’t leave to change it, he just stood there. Now this struck me, which is a bit unusual, because I was used to witnessing situations like this. I felt angry at the boy, for not leaving to change the knickers to something more appropriate. I mean, this was solah, it isn’t just any normal activity.

I wondered (unfortunately during the prayer) why people don’t take stuff like what just happened seriously. Why would you dress inappropriately for solah, when you probably have many better clothes that you can wear and would have worn if you were going out? Is it because it’s something you do every day, and you have gotten so used to it that you have taken it for granted? Is it because you don’t realize the magnitude of what you are about to do? Why don’t people take solah seriously anymore? Why do they behave as if someone is forcing them to pray? Do people actually understand the essence of the prayer they are observing? Do you even know the God you are serving? It went on for a while (in my head), it still is.

I don’t intend to go through all the hadith that talk about the importance of solah. I’m not going to go all cliché. This is stuff we have been taught so many times, yet we never seem to listen. I just want us as muslims to assess ourselves. This message is directed at me too. Why are we doing what we are doing? Why do we perform acts of ibadah with such nonchalance? Why don’t we know why we are performing these acts again? You would dress to your best when you go for lectures, or when you are having a presentation, but to dress at least decently in front of the One who created you, the One in whose hands lies the grades you strive so hard to earn by going for these lectures, becomes so hard and unimportant to you. That is just wrong. I see women wearing tight-fitted jeans to observe solah, covering their hair, thinking that is enough. Who do you think you are deceiving, Allah?? That is very impossible!

This is all I have to say. May Allah make worshipping him easy for us, Amin.