“The Delay law”

*wakes up*

it’s just after 9pm and I have been in bed all day…no i didn’t sleep all day, but I haven’t left the hostel. I also haven’t eaten anything substantial. I wrote a few (say 30) lines of code & I watched a movie. I also tweeted a little. my internet expired so I’m doing this via mobile. and the cause of all this is the fact that my wallet got nabbed…again!! I’m the most careless individual I know… 😦 ..the good thing is I just left the hostel… #WINNING… 😀

contrary to what you may be thinking if you are still reading this, this is not a rant post! it is about a “not-so-new” law I decided to tag “The Delay law”. I remembered it when I thought of some of the stuff I have watched/read in the past. when I watched movies about kidnappings, they always said a particular thing: that the more time that passes by with the kidnapped person (e.g. you) in the kidnappers custody, the lesser the chances of ever finding the kidnapped one. so by a week, if you haven’t been found already, ur chances are greatly infinitesimal! *now crying for you*…

but where am I going with all this? this little fact is not only applicable to crime investigation, but  in many other aspects of our lives, when we procrastinate. procrastination is one of the most effective tools the devil (forgive me if I’m being “religiously offensive”) uses to deny us plenty stuff. this is mainly because the more we delay stuff we want to do, the lesser the chances we eventually do ’em. for example, you may decide to read a particular book in your possession. you promise yourself you’ll start tomorrow. Tomorrow comes & unfortunately you get caught up in lectures. the next day you fall ill. Before you know it, you may even forget you wanted to read the book in the 1st place. hence you may never actually read the book. the book may contain a touching story that may have changed your life. you just missed out on that! however, if you had started at the time you had the intention to read it, perhaps you woulda been spellbound such that you won’t forget about the book till you finish it. 2 different scenarios! and the thing that separates them is the one decision you made to delay that action. *sigh*, I am the worst culprit of this that I know. I guess this is one of the reasons I like doing this, I just admonished myself.

I know it doesn’t go this way all the time, but still, avoid delaying stuff you can do now. you’ll achieve more, trust me! ;)… thanks to Hamid, I will now eat this nice looking fufu in front of me! good night!


iRant …(you may not like)


Tonight I blog about me..I won’t lie, I have tried this a couple of times in the past .. most times I just get carried away with other stuff..imma try and keep it in line this time, if this gets out, I tried… if it doesn’t …I tried..

A lot of stuff has been happening these past few weeks. That isn’t anything special, a lot of stuff has been happening to many people everywhere… why should I talk about my stuff then….*closing laptop lid*…*stops*…probably because I feel like I don’t have anybody else to talk to about ‘em…though technically I’m not talking to anyone now…*sigh* .. I’m getting all emotional… here goes..

Well 1st off, lemme just say this: No matter how well you may prepare your mind for the trials that may come your way, no matter how good you are at prognosticating, many times the same stuff you planned for will still overwhelm you and make you lose your footing.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not wrong to plan, but if all the time we planned for the stormy nights and our plans go as we want it to, then we can’t really call those nights stormy…

Final years aren’t always easy. On 1 hand you have supervisors pressuring you to deliver something substantial in the end,  and they are usually VERY VERY insensitive. And I’m not doing one of those research projects those management and social sciences students do… once you’ve got internet and thesaurus you’re basically done.(sorry if you feel offended by that)…Software development is tough…but if it was  only my project I had to focus on, I woulda been very ok…I can handle academics, …but it’s not the only thing… and I seriously thought I prepared for this…I had a plan…why did it fail again?? …has it even failed???

THE MOSQUE COMMITTEE…yup yup…. Another pearl of wisdom: sometimes you have the best intentions, but …what tha heck, scratch that, I’m just tired of working for them, no motivation at all! I don’t want to be paid or anything, but I want people to understand that I am a human being, and it’s only normal that I disappoint sometimes, I don’t want to be constantly reminded of my mistakes…I also want to be appreciated, it’s true what they say, when people get too used to you, you tend to lose your value in their eyes. ..Sad part is I can’t quit cos I need to finish what I started, I’m sure I can find that balance and graciously strike it… I guess there was a little “pearl of wisdom” eh?

I saved the most important issue for the last…it’s very simple: I miss MUSIC!! I quit music for some reasons, and I was fine for a while, but I really haven’t found a replacement for music in my life…I miss its soothing nature, I miss COLDPLAY! Those awesome guys, sometimes I just want to listen to The Scientist sooo bad…I sincerely hope I pull through..

I’m not going to gloriously end this post, it’s not one of my best and it doesn’t deserve that honour …*closes laptop lid*