“Update Available…”

Most of us use laptops and/or smartphones. I for one use both. From time to time, I update the windows operating system on my laptop as it usually prompts me when there are updates available. I also updated the Android OS on my phone a few times, but then they stopped releasing updates for the damn phone, probably because the other updates were too much for my phone. I guess I’m not the only one that does this though. Many people also use blackberries and Laptops and they upgrade these gadgets from time to time. This is a good thing, but unfortunately, while we are focused on upgrading these material items, we fail to upgrade the most important thing there is to upgrade. Ourselves!

There is a serious problem with many people today. Whether it is because of the inferiority complex some people feel, or because of the blatant laziness that they are plagued with, they fail to make the effort to improve themselves. They fail to self-appraise themselves to see areas of fault in their character and mannerisms. They shy away from reading beneficial materials that can increase them in knowledge. They remind me of my phone, after a few updates it just stays the way it is. You may interact with an individual once and actually enjoy the conversation, but when you meet him/her 10 years later, nothing would have changed and they say the same things. It is almost like they wasted 10 years of their lives!!! Most of these people end up being average in almost everything they do in their lives. Pardon me if that is a bit far – fetched!

While it is generally advisable to be contented with the money you have or any other of your material items, you should NEVER be contented with what you know. This is because knowledge acquired can never really be enough. You may never know when something that seemed useless when you learnt it a long time ago would turn out to be very useful in the future. It’s all about connecting the dots, someday, somehow, some things you know WILL matter someday. Remember the old saying that goes “No knowledge is entirely lost? It is very true. In the same vain, you can never really be perfect as an individual, but you really should try. You need to self-evaluate yourself and try to be a better human being every other time. Try to correct some (if not all) of your vices. It’s not easy, but it definitely is worth it when you consider what you stand to gain, which includes the fact that you would be able to relate with people better.

So do what you have to do! Read a book, or a newspaper, or any other thing beneficial. When you are watching television, watch educational programmes that help with general knowledge. Try to benefit from other people’s experiences by watching constructive discussions; these things may help you improve your language or speaking and debating skills. Don’t waste all the days of your life watching fictional (and often unrealistic) movies, playing video games and engaging in idle talk. Sure video games might help you relax when you need to, but you can still reduce the amount of time you spend playing these games. Remember that Mediocrity is for the weak, which have no ambition, so why would you in the world settle for weakness?? Are you an Android smartphone (that stops updating at one point)??