Being Kind is the new fly!

The people of the world are wicked, and life is ugly!!!…lol, I know, I started a post on a bad note again, I’m sorry it’s just how I am! The truth really is that there is kindness in the world, and life IS beautiful. However, one cannot ignore the truthfulness of the hardships in life as well. It’s why many times you find people, angry, or sad, or depressed, and sometimes they appear inconsolable! Today though I will not be talking about anger management, I’m sure you can find many articles on it if you have issues with your temperament!

In my life, I make it a point to follow the best example there is, the rasul (messenger) of Allah. His life is a model for all of us, whether we believe in his message or not. Many times we let the hardships of this world get to us, which is perfectly normal, and we feel anger or depression. But it also slowly makes us wicked to one another. For example, someone may approach us seeking our assistance and the type of look and reply we give them is enough to give them an aneurism on the spot! It’s like we want to take them, slap his/her face, cut his eyes, give him kwara 11 tribal marks with a gigantic Excalibur sword, scrape his head with the same sword and chase him away!! But I’m sure most (if not all) times that just stays in our head, at least I hope it does! If it doesn’t, please let me know so I can avoid you forever!!!

But we shouldn’t be harsh unjustly. I share this fault too, and it’s something you and I should work on. The prophet was the kindest of individuals. He was kind to the rich, the poor, man and woman, kids, adversaries and even animals! There was a time he was angry because his wives asked for extra allowance, and ‘Umar approached him and said “When we were men of the Quraysh, we controlled our women and subdued them, but when we became men of Madinah, the women learnt the behaviour of their Madinah counterparts and now control us!”. The rasul simply smiled at ‘Umar as he continued, despite the anger. Many of us today would just say stuff like “gerrout” to the person, and the person would refrain from joking with us again. Imagine how many potentially good friends we have lost due to our unkind behaviour.

The prophet used to treat everybody like he loved them the most, and this endeared him to everybody around him, believing and unbelieving. People listened to his message, and he became the ruler of the world due to this behaviour. Be kind, so people can love you and stand up for you when you need them. I’m not saying “don’t be angry”, we are only human. But use your anger in the right manner. You will see that people would listen to you when you talk, and would respect you at all times. This is the moral of today’s story! May Allah make it easy for us to be kind and loving! Thank you for reading, and feel absolutely free to comment and point out errors in my writing, as I know there are many! I’m not the best writer, but I am trying to be.


Coping with pressure

In my life, i’v made a number of mistakes, so has everybody else! Some of those mistakes are the reason i’m where i currently find myself academically. It’s ok, i’m happy i made them, cos i learnt alot! My life has changed since them! 

So i’m in my final year, and my folks (especially my mum) are pressuring me to finish with a 1st class!   It is tough, no doubt, but they are very encouraging. Most times they believe in me even more than i believe in myself. Though this has its perks, but there’s the pressure attached. I find myself in a tough position all the time due to it. I have been working hard, but  with the way some things have gone, the pressure did nothing but increase, and it caused me a  considerable amount of emotional strain. I believe that is passing though.

Now there is something i would like you to know. The prophet (pbuh) lived an exemplary life. I was reading a book, and the author said “the life of Allahs messenger (pbuh), his companions, and anecdotes of some of the prominent men of this ummah are more than enough for us to learn lessons from”. If you want to live a fulfilled life, just copy rasulullah! This is very true, so i sought to think about this a bit.

See the thing is, it is important for us not to lose sight of our true purpose on this earth. As muslims, Allah created us simply to worship him. Allah should be a goal and a means. So when i seek a good academic grade, it should be for Allahs sake, to get closer to him. If attaining it would help me in my closeness to Him, Allah would surely give me. However, if it isn’t, he won’t! This is because Allah knows what’s best for us, that which we don’t know or realise. If i don’t make a 1st class, granted my folks may be dissapointed, and i probably won’t get the iphone my brother promised me. But all this don’t matter, as long as Allah has used denying me this achievement to bring me closer to Him. It’s all ok. Knowing this helps alot! It brings this inner peace. The pressure reduced considerably once i realised this (Alhamdulillah). The prophet never let misfortunes stop him from carrying out his purpose, so why should i? I feel better!

The moral of the story is, don’t let things of this world overly depress you. We are all here for a purpose, and this life is but a journey. Lets focus on the destination and not the means of transport, else we would get lost! Thank you for reading!