Subsidy Stricken

bam! So finally the subsidy has really hit us, they kicked us outta school this morning. To most peeps, it was long overdue. A few didn’t want to leave. I’m one of the few.

Iv actually been silent about the whole thing. Apart from a few discussions between me and my good friends, i generally don’t like to talk about politics a lot and especially not online. I always have better things to talk about (to me, that is). I would like to talk about it today though.

Now this might make me selfish, but i’m one of the few that actually supports subsidy removal (well not the way GEJ implemented it sha!). I read what SLS (i really like the guy) said and i kinda reasoned with it, we can’t keep borrowing money to sustain ourselves, and we can’t keep improving the economy of the people we buy refined PMS from, while our economy remains down. We also can’t allow smugglers to continue profiteering, and people might think it easy to catch them, but if you arrest someone and there’s no satisfactory proof to present on the table, it’ll end up being a waste of time. If the subsidy remains, i really don’t think we would be building and running refineries soon, and we would just keep borrowing. Maybe it’s because i don’t like borrowing money naturally sha 🙂 !

However, like i said, GEJ was really insensitive about it. It’s like he didn’t contemplate what would happen by removing it so abruptly on the 1st day of the year. He didn’t take the steps he was supposed to before removing it, heck he shouldn’t have removed it all at once like that! Maybe he thought Nigerians would just suck it up  and move on like we do almost everytime. He didn’t contemplate that we have been angry for a long time, and that move could trigger serious aggression. He should have

  • reduced the public office holders salary+ allowances,
  • Put other measures in place like adding “fuel allowance” to workers salaries,
  • held discussions with the labour congress about its plans and try to convince them,

before he removed it. Heck he shouldn’t even have removed it all at once like that.That was really an overdose!!! Does he want to kill people? Really tactless of him! Maybe he didn’t think it through. But i won’t be like many people who go on to heap insults on him. I wouldn’t be too hard, perhaps he’s just being mislead.

Now the NLC is also been too adamant about everything. Seriously, i think reverting it to N65 or nothing is a bit too far. I really don’t like the way their discussions with the government end up in stalemates! Me i no like strike na!! Something needs to work out soon, because everyone is losing in this strike, and i just feel the masses that the NLC are fighting for are losing more. I for one need to get school over with sooner or later.

so, that’s my two cents!


I sincerely hope i can maximize my time away from school!-