Blog eh? Nice!

Finally, i created a blog! A good friend of mine has always told me to do this, so now i have! I didn’t create this cos of him though, i did because i like to write, even though i haven’t been doing that for a while now, due to some reasons. I hope i don’t neglect this blog eventually.

I am …a nerd…or am i?? Well i’m not all that social (i try a bit), i don’t care about fashion or appearance that much,  i like reading, i don’t party or drink, and i don’t go out much,  its class->mosque->hostel! Does that make me a nerd? you tell me!




4 thoughts on “Blog eh? Nice!

  1. ammeerrahh says:

    welcome to the world of blogging and don’t you neglect this! Lol.. I’d particularly like to know what goes on on a nerd’s mind…lol

    • ibrosaunks says:

      thanks, :). I have been neglecting this, partly because i have a diary on nairaland, which is kinda like a blog too…i have also been tied up with school work so even that is in neglect 😦

      A lot goes on in a nerds mind, a lot!!!

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